How to lodge your free enquiry

It is important you know what your obligations are when it comes to protecting Australia's underground networks. All excavators have a Duty of Care to observe with regard to underground networks when digging.

  • should the scope of works change, or plan validity dates expire, you must submit a new Dial Before You Dig enquiry
  • never assume the alignment or depth of underground infrastructure
  • lodge a Dial Before You Dig enquiry to ensure that Asset Owners know what you are excavating and when your works will occur
  • On-site:
    • ensure that you or your supervisor has a copy of all the plans and documents of the identified assets on-site and that they are current
    • inspect the site yourself. Plans may occasionally be inaccurate due to Asset Owners not informing Dial Before You Dig of new assets or changes made to existing ones
    • identify what assets are on site and pothole to verify their location if they are in close proximity to your project. Underground asset-locating devices can also be a great help as they can quickly identify the location of assets and help you avoid damaging them
    • find and expose all underground services and assets before you start excavating. Adhere to the clearance limits surrounding No Go Zones for dangerous assets like high pressure gas pipes and high-voltage electricity cables
  • ensure that workers and the public are always 100% safe and surround all exposed underground assets with free standing safety barriers
  • strictly follow all special requirements set by the Asset Owner
  • avoid any potential loss of service as there may be significant repair and replacement costs caused by rupturing pipes and cables
  • immediately report any damage to underground assets to the Asset Owner
  • On completion:
    • replace excavation material with the same type of material when filling in the excavation unless re-specified by the Asset Owner. Compact the dig site and reinstate protective measures like slabs, tapes and filling materials
    • in case there is an accident, to demonstrate proof of your duty of care, keep a record of all your notes and contact with the Asset Owners until construction is completed