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Dial Before You Dig has developed a national data collection and reporting tool so that we can build a comprehensive picture in relation to damage incidents associated with excavation activities.

We are looking to our Asset Owning Members to support us by providing us with accurate and comprehensive data for reporting information about damages that occur to their assets.

The data will be analysed and our findings will be issued via a comprehensive “Infrastructure Damage Report” to the industry with a Reporting system that will enable production of Annual, Monthly and on demand report generation for Dial Before You Dig and Members to better understand where, how and why these damages are occurring.

The system we selected is user friendly and enables our Asset Owning Members to either input data via a secure web forms based interface, which allows data input over the internet anywhere after an incident or else via a batch upload. The data is hosted in a secure on-shore environment. All Members’ data is to be kept confidential and each Member has access to view their respective data and have the ability to compare it against the national trend as well as producing their own reports on their respective data.

DBYD and its Members can use these results in much the same way any business markets its products and services. Based on the analysis, the following actions are encouraged for damage prevention:

  • increasing location requests by local contractors and further investigation of the consistency of notifications among callers
  • improving mark-outs among locating professionals through best practices education and training
  • improving excavation practices
  • awareness sessions, education and training targeted to specific groups

Getting Started

Initially we encourage Members to familiarise themselves with the IDR system via X-info WebConnect which can be accessed on any device, operating system or browser. The only requirement is to have access to the internet. The access is via a guest log-in to our demonstration Sandbox which is loaded with dummy data.

Members can then contact DBYD to be setup with their own personal log-in and secure portal to input their own records either manually or by simple batch uploads. Training and support is available by DBYD and we have developed a training and reference manual and tools to assist you in getting the most out of the IDR system, which is free to our Members.

For those Members who want a windows application version that can be loaded onto their computer or laptop to work on-line or off-line you can download X-Info Connect. This application is especially useful for those Members who do not have their own damage reporting database or asset management system. It includes core functions to manage information related to all aspects of a damage report from the time of reporting through to the finalisation of a claim for damage, if required. As it enables you to connect, store, maintain, report, track and analyse information for your business.

For more information contact Andrew Farrell, Projects and Operations Manager.