Dial Before You Dig is a national not-for-profit group of State Associations made up of member organisations that own Australia's underground assets. Each state’s Association is governed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives from these organisations.

Each state has a manager responsible for the day to day operation and the marketing of the service. Each state produces an annual report and this is available by contacting the manager. Click here for regional information and contacts.

In 1999 the Association of Australian Dial Before You Dig Services Ltd (AADBYDS Ltd) was established to ensure a consistent national approach to the provision of the Dial Before You Dig service. The Dial Before You Dig community recognised the opportunity for efficiencies by combining the different State based operations into one operating service. AADBYDS Ltd now assumes responsibility for providing the service for all states and territories. The consistent national service delivery allows members and users who operate in more than one state to receive information in a consistent form.