Dial Before You Dig has an ever growing number of members across Australia and those members represent a wide range of different organisations.

The benefit of Dial Before You Dig membership is information. Our members receive valuable information on what is happening around their underground assets. This enables them to know who is working close to their assets, what type of work will be done and when the work will be done. Of greatest importance is the protection of these assets. When members receive a Dial Before You Dig referral it enables them to send plans out detailing the location of the underground assets and work with excavators where necessary to ensure no damage is done.

Dial Before You Dig is now seen as a one stop shop for asset information and as a neutral body that people trust. Quite simply hundreds around Australia use the service on a daily basis so membership ensures your organisation receives the most comprehensive information on excavating activity.


Awareness Presentations

Dial Before You Dig supports all excavation industries and the community by providing Awareness Presentations free of charge to businesses, industry bodies and training institutions. All excavators have a duty of care to protect Australia's underground infrastructure. Attending a Dial Before You Dig Awareness Presentation will provide an understanding of what that duty of care is.

Dial Before You Dig Awareness Presentations are delivered nationwide, if you would like further details, contact your local state manager.


Flyer Awareness Presentation