When we receive an excavation enquiry, our program determines which members have an asset or interest in the excavation site - and sends a notification known as a referral to them. This alerts them of the intended works. Simultaneously, our system sends a Confirmation Sheet to the excavator with details of the enquiry so that he or she can assess the correctness and advise of any discrepancies or errors.

Once the asset owner has received the referral, they are required to respond to the excavator within 2 working days. The most common method of responding is by the issuing of site plans, by email, fax or post, which clearly identify where the assets are located. However, members may elect to respond differently depending on the nature of the enquiry. In some cases, members contact the excavator by phone to discuss the site, or meet them on site to discuss the matter in more detail.

For more information on member responsibilities, how members respond to enquiries and the potential to automate the response process, please contact the Dial Before You Dig Manager in your state.


Enquiry Updates

Changes have been made to improve the Member experience in how referrals are received. The upgrade to the referral system (OneCall System) now includes:

  • A uniform sizing for Urban and Rural areas
  • The ability to define separate Excavation and Design activity areas
  • The ability to break down large scale enquiries to a Member's system requirements

The upgrade allows for greater flexibility to individual Members to customise the information they receive for each referral. For more information click on the links below:

OneCall System Upgrade

OneCall System Infographic

Member Update Form

OneCall System Change to Large Scale Enquiries